Add some sparkle
to your tipi hire

Event furniture, fire stuff and fancy bits

Hey, let’s be clear – a tipi or sailcloth tent can hold their own in a crowd, but they can also provide the perfect canvas for so much pizazz and sparkle. And of course, folks need a place to park it and warm up when that clear southern night sky is shining. We are in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, after all.

Take a look through our assortment of goodies below, hover over for dosh digits and add your favs to your tipi rental quote – you can always review your quote and make any changes at the end.

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The Extras

Talk to us about what you would like to create – we can suggest a custom solution for unique spaces, or those extra touches that bring the day together. Whether that’s extra matting for a grand entrance, a giant naked tipi [our standard Nordic tipi with no canvas] as a lounge area, or using our canvas as a backdrop for photos or even the ceremony – it’s the little touches that make the day.

The Defender

“We rent our Gather & Gold Land Rover Defender to get to that special remote event location. Our Defender is built for off-road use and is well-suited for Central Otago’s unique conditions. Enquire for further details.

And finally,
the nitty gritty

Aka the things we need to know to make sure all the fun stuff happens.