Becks and Nic’s Blissful Backyard Wedding

A couple stand in wedding attire in front of mountains in Queenstown

Tucked beneath the snow-capped mountains of Queenstown, Becks and Nic’s blissful backyard wedding was the perfect combination of tipi, glam, and all round cozy. Both doctors, Becks and Nic knew their big day had to be ten different kinds of fun – work hard, play hard and all that. So with family and friends coming from all over the world to celebrate, this wedding was destined for glory right from the start.

Based at Nic’s mother’s home, we worked in a few site visits before figuring out the perfect configuration for the site to maximise space and those famous Queenstown ‘scapes. We ended up with four tipis and one helluva wedding space – two dining tipis, one bar tipi, and one dancing tipi. And, just quietly, the only thing better than the setup was the incredible views our near-clear and well-placed panels allowed. This was their first outing (we’re getting weepy just thinking about it) which ended up being the perfect way to extend the space a little when the dance floor came to town.

It really was a different kind of special being involved in this gorgeous wedding – we really do have the best clients. Becks and Nic, you two rock. Thank you for choosing us, as always we’re incredibly grateful. 

Below, we chat to the happy couple to reminisce about their big day.

Where did your wedding planning journey begin?

Our wedding planning journey began at Port Levy on the Banks Peninsula. After a busy few months, Nic was taking me away for the weekend to a surprise location – but despite him planning everything and keeping it all very hush-hush, I wasn’t even slightly suspicious. We turned up at a Pure Pod location overlooking Port Levy and trekked up the hill to a spectacular glass hut. WhileI was busy admiring the hut and the view, Nic was setting up his camera to take a photo of us as the sun set in the background. Next thing I knew, he was on one knee asking me to marry him. 

We had absolutely no phone signal for the next 24 hours, which on one hand was bliss, but it also meant we couldn’t tell any of our family and friends until we were back home. And so, once we’d landed back home, our planning began.

Did you have any must-have vendors? If so, who and why?

All of them! We had great vendors all around, but a few of our favourites were:

Gather & Gold, of course! We decided a winter wedding in Queenstown at Nic’s family house was the perfect location, we just weren’t sure how best to host everyone. After multiple searches online we came across Gather & Gold – who were by far the quickest email reply! But more than that, it was easy to see that they were incredibly dedicated, loved what they did, and weren’t there to mess around. They were honest throughout the whole planning process, all of which made the decision to go with them an easy one. 

Alexandra Kate Creative

Technically, Alex coordinated our day from 6 weeks out, but really she was involved from almost 18 months. She was always available for advice regarding vendors and planning, and was incredibly supportive the whole way through. Alex and Ella were my go to people the week of the wedding, attending the rehearsal and coming up with quick and clever solutions when things weren’t working. They went above and beyond anything I could have asked for, and along with the rest of their on-the-day crew, managed to pull off a spectacular wedding for Nic and I that meant we didn’t have to worry about a thing. I don’t think I’ll ever plan another event without her!

Little Botanica

Our incredible florist created the most stunning flowers, despite the only information I gave her being a picture of the bridesmaids’ dresses. She was open about costs right from the start, and created beautiful floral pieces that we could relocate throughout the day to help us save money. Bonus points and big shout-out to the incredible flower collars she made for our dogs! They were a total hit, she did a truly spectacular job on these little numbers.

Sophie Roseanna Cakes

We decided to go with a small wedding cake and a whole lotta cupcakes for our wedding guests. I ordered enough cupcakes for there to be leftovers the next day – but I underestimated how good they were! They were far too tasty for anyone to leave even a crumb behind. 

We went with a chocolate and raspberry cake, which was hands down the best I’ve ever had. We had a handful of vegan and gluten-free guests, and Sophie catered to this with no problem or extra cost. And more importantly, they were just as delicious.

Flying Trestles Catering

So many people were raving about our food after the wedding. My biggest fear was not having enough food for my guests, and Flying Trestles knew how to deliver. When food ran out it was immediately replaced, and I even saw two guests with their own sharing plates of food – one being an entire plate of ribs! But hey, no judgement here; it was just that good. Nicky was our go-to gal, and she was even out there on the night, in an apron, delivering hot fries to our guests on the dance floor. Total legend. Aosta and Little Aosta in Arrowtown are where you’ll find these people. 


Hayley and Shane were incredible. We had an easy delivery, set up, and swift removal the following day. Everyone loved them, I never knew how many people could get so excited about toilets. 

Tipis behind mountains with wedding guests in front

Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted from the start, or were you guided by your vendors?

I had a clear vision of what I wanted, and Nic and I did most of the planning. However, initially we’d never considered that we’d be partying our wedding night away in Tipis! A choice I don’t regret in the slightest. We were quite adamant from the beginning that we wanted to do our own planning and were a bit reluctant to take on a wedding coordinator, but I am so glad we did. Gather & Gold suggested Alex from Alexandra Kate Creative and it was definitely the best decision we made. She suggested vendors for us when I was struggling with the overwhelming number of options, and every single one she suggested was perfect. 

What’s one thing you’re glad you did?

We chose to move the ceremony outside at the last possible moment. After a morning full of rain, the skies finally cleared, and Alex, Ella and the rest of the team managed to haul our giant arch and flowers outside. By the time I arrived with my girls, the sun was shining and the guests had sunglasses on. The sign of a perfect sunny afternoon. 

Your favourite moment of the day?

When the song came on to walk down the aisle. Nic and I had done a first look and we were both so excited and not nervous at all. We then went back to the house and got set for the ceremony. As soon as the music started and I saw Nic at the end of the aisle, I lost almost all composure. It was the best feeling ever, with just so much emotion bubbling over.

What was your favourite small detail from the day?

We incorporated every family member into our day in one way or another. A subtle touch that might not have been obvious to everyone, but it was to us.

Favourite laugh out loud moment?

I lost my vows, and ended up saying them off by heart! Admirably, Nic followed suit despite having his in his pocket. We also subbed my brother in last minute as the flower girl, which was hard to beat.

Any advice to future tipi couples that you wished you’d known?

Honestly, Sarah and her team (especially Liane) were incredibly onto it – answering our many questions and giving advice on heating, lighting and seating arrangements. There’s no advice to give other than to trust them, it’s all totally worth it and looks amazing. 

Any tips for couples that have just got engaged and are planning a tipi wedding?

Go and see some set up before you decide – they’re much bigger and warmer than you think. I highly recommend the clear panel along one side of the tipi if you’re after a little bit more protection from the elements in the winter months without losing out on the view. 

What was the best thing about your Tipi wedding?

The memories. I keep looking at the photos of the tipis, and they were just a sight to behold.

Tipis at night with outdoor festoons and mountains in the back ground

From Becks & Nic:

“To Gather & Gold – there’s really nothing more I can say. You guys were exceptional, and so easy to deal with. You made our day so incredibly memorable along with all our other vendors, many of whom you recommended to us! It was amazing to see such a large group of people come together to help us pull off a wedding we won’t ever forget.”

A couple kiss in wedding attire on a mountain

Finishing Touches


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