Is this the perfect corporate event venue?

Three Nordic tipis sit in a field next to a lake at dusk in New Zealand

Who says you need a ring to have a party? Sometimes all it takes is a couple of employees, a good excuse and a Friday night. Because if there’s one thing these tipis are good for, it’s being as versatile as they are pretty. Sure, they can play host to a damn good wedding, but they’re not exclusive. They’ll also dabble in corporate events, work parties, end-of-year dos and shmoozy black-tie shindigs.

So in short, yes. A tipi is the perfect corporate event venue. Effortlessly memorable, unwittingly glamorous and girl-next-door sexy, our event tipis will elevate your corporate event venue and sprinkle the magic juice over the whole lot. Here’s everything you need to know about throwing a tipi-worthy corporate event.

A man dances with a woman in a tipi

Choosing a location for your tipi corporate event

First up, where to put the tipi. The space you choose for your event will help set the mood for the night and take your tipi tent hire to the next level. Anyone can book a venue and invite a few soldiers to party, but a venue does not a party make. Unless, of course, it’s a tipi dropped in the middle of the Southern Alps, accessible only by helicopter and surrounded by lakes and fairy lights and fire pits. They’ll be writing home about that one, for sure. 

Or, maybe it’s a single tipi tucked into the Sherwood Queenstown with live music, award-winning local food and stunning accommodation. Maybe it’s six tipis, a few sailcloth tents and 400 people at an estate on the outskirts of Wānaka – think mountain views, vineyards, and excellent cuisine. We might even know a spot or two. Or maybe you’re creating a moonlight mini-festival with live DJs, a standing bar and a light show that would rival Glastonbury. Whatever aesthetic you’re after, your location will tie it all together.

First step, think about the vibe you’re going for. Second step, think about the kind of location that would bring that to life. Third step, get in touch with us and pick our brains about all the fantastic venues, locations, and secret spots we’ve collected over the years. We’ve got a few.

Nordic tipis under mountains in New Zealand next to a caravan bar

How to decorate your tipi-style corporate event

Now for the fun. Once you’ve got a location sorted and you’ve got an idea of how many tipis or sailcloth tents you’ll need, it’s time to decorate. Take it back to the overall theme, style or mood for this one. Keeping it corporate? We’ve got a round bar for one tipi, lounge furniture for another, and swan-napkin dining in the next. Want a more boho vibe? Add some sparkle with macrocarpa lounge chairs, Kilim rugs, Moroccan pouffes and fire bowls. Whatever your overall vision, your decorations are your chance to bring that Pinterest board to life.

If decorating isn’t your forte, don’t sweat it. From bar leaners to bean bags to giant sparkly disco balls, we’ve got just about everything you need to make your space look effortlessly swish, and we know just the hands you need to bring it all together. Bespoke Weddings and Events, One Fine Day or Emma Newman Events are just a few of the local planners and stylists who can shiny everything up for you and slap a floral hoop on it before you can say tipi. And if there’s something you’ve got your eye on that’s not in our repertoire, we’ll happily recommend a few local suppliers instead. Get in touch for our favourite vendors, or check out this blog.

Corporate event food: the dos and don’ts:

Don’t let this shock you, but once again, the type of food you go for will also be dictated by the overall theme of your corporate event venue. After that festival feel? Local food trucks would fit right in – the likes of Frankie the Nomad Caravan Bar, Francesca’s Mobile Pizzas and Bernie Caravan Bar never miss. Prefer a luxury, silver service in a boujee sailcloth tent? Never fear, we know just the vendors to dish up that dreamy four-course, sit-down meal with six types of oysters and singing bards. Try Morsel, Artisan Catering, In2Food, or The Platter Share for a more pass-it-around vibe.

Point is, we’re spoilt for incredible caterers ‘round these parts, ones who are incredibly passionate about local (and delicious) produce and delivering exceptional service. We’d hand our souls over to them with full faith they’d turn it into something tasty, so we’ve got plenty more recommendations for whatever vibe you’re after – either flick us a call or check out this blog for local vendor recommendations.

Some quick dos and don’ts?

  • Do get in touch for our list of recommended vendors. Not only are they excellent at what they do, they’ve also worked with our tipi tents before, so they know the drill.
  • Don’t skimp on caterers. If there’s one thing (aside from giant Nordic tipi tents) that people will remember from your event, it’s the food. Make sure it’s good.
  • Do sample the goods before locking in a vendor. Rude not to, right?
  • Don’t run out of food. This is your cardinal rule.
  • Do consider the logistics of catering at your corporate event venue. There are no kitchens hidden in the tent, for example, so make sure your food gurus come prepared.

Night time at a food truck next to some Nordic tipis

Music and entertainment at your corporate event

Every party needs a few tunes. Whether that’s a house DJ, a live band, a classical music ensemble or a gentle soul singer serenading a mic, the music at your corporate event plays a big part in setting the mood for your guests. If you’re not sure which vibe to go for, why not change it up throughout the day? Think crooning guitars to start, violins over dinner, and ABBA late into the night under the careful eye of your giant disco ball.

Entertainment is also important if you’ve got time to kill and guests to impress. Whether that’s full-on fire dancers from Flame Entertainment, a Float-o-booth where your guests can take home memories in their pockets, or an epic light show on the ceiling of the tipi (thanks TomTom Productions), think out of the box and you’re bound to get some street cred with your employees, coworkers or colleagues. Need a few ideas? Here’s a little something we whipped up earlier: How to Host a Tipi Party Like a Pro. Your guests will thank us later.

A woman sings into the camera under fairy lights in a tipi

Our top tips for your tipi corporate event

Aside from all of the above? We’ll keep it short and sweet and just say, talk to the techsperts. Whether that’s getting recommendations for your corporate event tipi or whether that’s handing over the reins entirely to some trusty hands that can bring your vision to life, these good humans are well-equipped to help make your event one for the books.

And remember, don’t sweat the small things. Our tipis and sailcloth tents will do a whole lot of the work for you, so you’ve already got piles of kudos coming your way from your jaw-droppingly impressed guests. Yes, the nitty gritty can elevate your event that much further, but really – whatever your theme, your location, your decorations, cuisine or music, our tipi tents are like the Ryan Gosling of the venue world. They’d make crocs look good.


Let’s get this party started

Whether you’re on the hunt for venue inspiration, hoping for an idea of dosh or are ready to plan your very own tipi event, we’ve created an easy-peasy system for selecting your size, exploring our sparkly additions and handing over the glorious details. 

Click on ‘create my event’, cut to the chase via any of the icons below or contact us to talk to a human anytime. We love to chat tipis, tipi tent rental, tipi party hire, tipi wedding venue, tipi birthday party, anything to do with tipis really.

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