How to Host a Tipi Party Like a Pro

It’s like they always say: anything worth celebrating, is worth celebrating in a tipi. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate Christmas event or that New Year’s Eve party you’ve always dreamed of throwing, a tipi makes every event just that little bit better. It’s kind of their thing.

But, you ask, where to begin? What makes a great tipi party? And how do you host a tipi party like a mother truckin’ pro? We hear you, friends. We do. And here is all you need to know about hosting the best damn party you (but more importantly, your guests) will ever experience.

What is a tipi party?

Aside from a sure-fire way to impress the pants off your guests? It’s quite literally, a damn good party in a tipi. And that’s only literally. Emotionally, it’s even more. It’s an incredibly special and, dare I say, magical space where all your wishes and dreams come true. Obviously. We really do hear it all the time from our clients, too – from the moment you step inside, the atmosphere shifts and you just know you’re going to have a good time. Somehow, the tipis create this beautifully ambient space where people can kick their shoes off, let their hair down, and tear up the d-floor like there’s no tomorrow. Or a very slow tomorrow, at the least.

It could be an end of year work do, a corporate event, a product launch, a 60th, or one helluva wedding party. Whatever your event, we’ve got the tipi tent hire sorted. Trust us when we say they’ll do the grunt work and impress the bits off your guests. You’re welcome.

What’s the best season to host a tipi party?

Don’t want to flex, but our tipis are year-rounders. Rain, hail, snow or shine, these big ol’ Nordic tipis will bring the juice whenever you need. End of year corporate events. Christmas functions. New Years Eve parties. Birthday parties, summer weddings, winter anniversaries, autumn gigs  just because you feel like it – the opportunities are endless.

Need some creative corporate event ideas to really wow your clients? Or an incentive party to celebrate your hard-working humans? We’re one of only a few venues in the Queenstown Wānaka area that has the capacity to hold large events seating over 400 people. Cough, oops double flex. This makes it perfect for your product launches, or any event where you’re wanting to really raise the eyebrows of your colleagues, work mates, or clients. Forget the marquee hire – in Wānaka and Queenstown, we prefer tipis.

For your summer shindigs, think long nights, lazy sunsets, Moroccan rugs, fairy lights, good food and good people. Isn’t that what summer’s all about? Or for winter, think cosy fire pits, blankets, big heaters, Moroccan rugs, and cozying up to that special someone around the fire. Dreamy. Both the someone and the tipi, that is.

Locals tip: Believe it or not, we’re actually quite partial to those days between late summer and early autumn where the nights are drawing in, the evenings are a little cooler, but the days are warm and sunny. And most importantly, town is a little quieter, meaning you can have your pick from all the dreamy accommodation options the Central Lakes District has to offer.

Best venues for a tipi party?

We’ve got a few. In Queenstown, one of our favourites has got to be the Sherwood. Next level food, impeccable service, and the added bonus of being able to stay onsite is quite literally all you need in the perfect event space. The Sherwood is ideal for parties of all sizes – from small, intimate gatherings to larger corporate gatherings, complete with shared platters, black ties, oysters and all. Another hot spot is Cargo Brewery, Waitiri Creek, where we recently built New Zealand’s first ever 6-tipi circle for a large corporate gathering. Wild.

Over the hill in Wānaka, a few favourites include Dublin Bay Weddings or The Hide at Lake Hāwea Station. Both offer that exceptional Kiwi wilderness experience, without being too far out in the wops that you can’t see the forest for all the damn sheep.

Lately, we’ve also been hoisting the tipis into NZ’s beautiful backyards all around Queenstown. We’ve done 21st parties, 60th wedding anniversaries and day-after-the-wedding parties – which, by the way, are the greatest idea since sourdough. With all your friends and family already around for the wedding, why not extend the celebrations with a backyard barbie the day after? Chuck a few tipis in the garden, rope in the old man to help with the sausies, and fill the day with chinwags and giggles about all the antics of the day before. 

So whether it’s your neighbour’s backyard, a boujee hotel or some far flung corner of New Zealand accessible only by helicopter – we’ll get you there, and we’ll make it dreamy. With so many sites to choose from, our list of amazing spots is ever growing and ever brilliant. We’ll also come out for a site visit if there’s a particular corporate event space or backyard you’ve got in mind – because (say it with me, now) anything worth celebrating, is worth celebrating in a tipi.

Best tipi party entertainment

And then for the fun part – planning the entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, the tipis are a party in and of themselves. But add a little live music, a little food, and a lotta boogying to the mix, and you’re levelling up the whole game, baby. Nothing says the perfect music for corporate events or Christmas parties like 80s disco music, punk rock bangers, or that German pop playlist you got strangely addicted to in highschool and can’t seem to let go of. You do you, Queen.

Music Entertainment:

  • Mountain Beats – your go-to DJ’s in Queenstown, Wānaka and beyond.
  • Calico Entertainment – one banger of a live band in Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Freefall Queenstown – a smooth acoustic duo, or the full monty rock band. Or both.
  • Robert Glenn – a Scottish heart-throb and one man band. Say no more.
  • Silent Disco – your very own Silent Disco hire in Queenstown. It’s a silent disco!

Live Entertainment:

  • Flame Entertainment yes, there are real flames. And aerial champagne waitresses in giant hoops hanging from the ceilings, and hula hoopers, and fire performers, and dancers, body art statues, and so much more. Go.
  • The Float-o-booth – the one-of-a-kind travelling photobooth in Wānaka
  • TomTom Productionsgods of the lights and audio visual world. Check them out, right now. 

Party & Event Hire:

Wedding & Event Planning:

  • Alexandra Kate Creative – for all your wedding and event planning needs.
  • One Fine Day – helping you craft the perfect wedding day that truly reflects you as a couple
  • Ripple Experiencefor corporate events, Ripple Experience Management Company is a must in the Queenstown area.
  • Queenstown Event Collectivesorting your event planning, conference management, event styling and loads more since way back when.


  • Frankie the Nomad – this mobile event bar brings the drinks to you. Need I say more?
  • Bernie Caravan Bar the OG Caravan Bar from ages ago, Bernie is your go-to in Queenstown.
  • Star Bar – the cutest drinks caravan you never knew you desperately needed.

And honestly, we’re just warming up. There’s loads more good humans in the Wānaka and Queenstown region we’d recommend, so if you’re after the full rundown, get in touch.

Best tipi styling tips and tricks?

Our top tip for styling your tipi rental is to pick a theme, and go the full marathon with it. Whether it’s Coachella, stiff-lipped professionalism or boho beach vibes, this is your chance to really put your stamp on the event.

We’ve also got a bunch of great vendors that more than know their way around when it comes to event styling for tipis. We work a lot with TomTom Productions, who are real life wizards in the lighting and audio visual experience category. Think world class productions right here in little ol’ Queenstown. They can even project your company logo into the night sky or on the ceiling of the tipis – and if that doesn’t scream luxury, I don’t know what does.

Or, if you want next level styling that slightly (just slightly) overshoots your own capabilities, consider hiring someone in for all your wedding and corporate event styling needs. Alexandra Kate Creative or One Fine Day are both incredible, and will work with you to bring your Pinterest board to life.

Finally, for your perfect backyard party, we’ve got a load of props, furniture, and event setup gear that you can hire direct to add some sparkle to your tipi. Think bean bags, fire pits, kilim rugs, bar leaners, and lounge furniture. We have a custom made full round bar for your tipi that’s just about guaranteed to get the people giddy. We’ve got Moroccan styled furniture, fairy lights, and all the bits and pieces you could possibly need to make your tipi party the very best it can be.

So, go on. Join two or three tipi tents together, add a fire pit, a live band, a caravan bar, a dance floor, a few rugs, and voila! You’ve got a space for lounging, a space for dancing and a space for that custom round bar – aka, the textbook recipe for a good time and the g-darn tipi party of the year. It’s textbook. Google it.


Let’s get this party started

Whether you’re on the hunt for venue inspiration, hoping for an idea of dosh or are ready to plan your very own tipi event, we’ve created an easy-peasy system for selecting your size, exploring our sparkly additions and handing over the glorious details. 

Click on ‘create my event’, cut to the chase via any of the icons below or contact us to talk to a human anytime. We love to chat tipis, tipi tent rental, tipi party hire, tipi wedding venue, tipi birthday party, anything to do with tipis really.

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