What is a Sailcloth Tent and Why You Need It at Your Wedding. Stat.

A Sailcloth Marquee sits on grass in front of a pond

According to the relationship bible, it’s not cheating if you’re both into it. And if the bible says it, it must be true. Because while we’d never cheat on our tipis (we’re long-term and deeply, deeply in love) there’s also a new sailcloth marquee tent in Gather & Gold town, and we’re kind of obsessed. Stunning, curvy and lux from the ground up, our new sailcloth tents are bringing a whole new dimension to the tipi tent game. Here’s everything you need to know about what a sailcloth tent wedding is and why you’re also obsessed with it, starting now. 

What is a sailcloth tent?

Picture the love child of a tipi and a marquee, then double the luxury and forget the marquee. If marquees were mere mortals, sailcloth tents are Beyonce in all her glory. Woven from translucent sailcloth fabric and matched with wooden poles, soaring peaks and clear side panels, our sailcloth wedding tents are here to rock your world. And your next social event, work-do, wedding or corporate event. Offering a shady canopy filled with natural light and the blessing of the gods, this haven is a dreamy structure that shields you from the elements while you savour the natural environment around you. 

Sailcloth tent vs pole tent vs marquee

Not all tents are created equal. And while each variation has its own strengths and its own place in the world, what is the difference between a sailcloth tent, a marquee and a pole tent? Well, let us break it down for you. Ahem.

Sailcloth Tent: With a translucent material that allows natural light to filter through during the day, the sailcloth tent is taking your elegant and romantic atmosphere and raising you a natural, glorious aesthetic. Supported by wooden poles and an advanced tensioning system, the sailcloth tent has a unique shape with distinct peaks. Sailcloth tents are waterproof, providing good protection against mild to moderate weather conditions and making them the ideal choice for outdoor weddings, parties and events needing a little boujee bohemian ambience.

Pole Tent: The classic pole tent features a centre pole(s) and perimeter poles that support the tent fabric and make for a more traditional tent shape – think a high peak in the centre and sloping sides. Pole tents are relatively straightforward to set up, come in various sizes, and provide stability in moderate weather conditions. They’re versatile and suitable for weddings, parties, corporate events, and other outdoor gatherings.

Marquee: With a versatile and flexible design, marquees typically feature an aluminium or steel frame without interior poles. This unobstructed space gives you lots of options in terms of size, layout, and interior decor. Marquees are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a solid choice for a wide range of events including trade shows, exhibitions, corporate events, and other formal or large-scale gatherings.

The perfect duo: the Tipi to your Sailcloth Tent

While pole tents and marquees can be great options for a wide range of events, we’re slightly (read extremely) biassed by our two golden girls, the tipi tent and the sailcloth tent. We know, we know – throw a classic tipi or twelve into the mix, and it’s almost impossible to choose between the two. But in the words of the girl from the Old El Paso ads, porque no los dos?

And really, why NOT both? With a little double trouble action, the tipi and sailcloth tent make the perfect pairing. Our sailcloth tents come in three different sizes, and our tipis can be linked together to really get the most out of your space. Combine the two, and you’ve got all the elegance and luxury of the sailcloth tent with the rustic, natural beauty of the tipi. Think one for dining and one for dancing, or or one for dining and twelve for dancing. The world is your tipi sailcloth tent oyster.

We’ve got lots of ideas around how to best combine tipis and sailcloth wedding tents. For more tailored advice, give us a yell to chat through how we can best fit our tipi and sailcloth tent combos into your space.

What does a sailcloth tent wedding cost?

This one will depend on a few things. The most obvious, of course, is the size of the tents and the amount you’re after. But as a rough guideline, our single sailcloth tent starts at around $4,500 and can head up towards $10k for the biggest tents. For a personalised quote or to chat through your sailcloth tent wedding options, get in touch with the good humans at Gather & Gold.

Bonus tip for sailcloth tent weddings from the experts

Who doesn’t love a bonus tip? First up – between you and me, if your event is based in Central Otago in summer, these sailcloth marquee tents offer the perfect protection from that notoriously hot summer sun. Think shade, shade, glorious shade that doesn’t compromise on natural light, keeping your guests cool while really bringing the big guns in terms of a sunny aesthetic.

Bonus tip two, keep the styling simple, and not just because your wallets will thank you. With both tipis and sailcloth tents, less can often be more. Simply dot some fairy lights, florals and greenery around the tent, and let the sailcloths shine for themselves.

Sailcloth tent wedding, Gather & Gold style

So what does a sailcloth tent wedding mean, Gather & Gold style?  Let’s just say this isn’t our first rodeo. With many years, a wealth of knowledge and hundreds of tipi tent weddings and events behind us, we’ll put our hearts where our mouths are to give you the full tipi package in every boujee way. Whether one tipi or twelve sailcloth tents, our goal is to help you create the dreamiest day of your life in the easiest way possible. We’ll take the stress and give you the tents, decorations and support needed to create an event that will go down in history. Probably.

Based in Wānaka and Queenstown, we’ll walk you through every step of the process – we’ll show you location sites, we’ll recommend our favourite vendors, we’ll help you style your tipi or sailcloth tent and will be there for you every step of the way with hearts as big as our tents. Scouts honour. Simply get in touch with the team today, and let’s get you on your merry tipi way.


Let’s get this party started

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